Friday, August 23, 2013

Life and Death

As I think of loved ones who have died and are dying, I've tried to express my own thoughts about death in the words below...

Famine, war, death and pain - you're born and then you die.
Is this life all there is? You spread your wings - but never fly?
Many will suffer, a few will dance, most will march in line.
Life on earth is mainly chance, but is heaven by design?

Could there be a happy ending to this life of trials and tears?
Could such a cruel beginning grow sweeter through the years?
Are there sufficient flowers blooming among the weeds -
That in your darkest hour, you can still somehow believe?

How hard it is to convince the soul, that death could be so kind.
That evolution could reach its goal, and none be left behind.
The dreams you dream are telling you, that death is just a part
Of something good and beautiful - dark colors in a work of art.
The lives of those who love, the mystery of beauty and mirth,
Our minds that know so little - give hope to all on earth.

Believe in Love - do not fear - live among the stars.
Your physical body, weak and frail, does not define who your are.

Nothing is lost or forgotten - except time's relentless prowl.
The past you miss and the future you crave, are one eternal now.
The glory you shared with all that is, before earth came to be,
Is still within - just hidden - what you are, will always be.

Your loved ones will miss you for a little while - until their journey is through.
Then you will lead them through death's door, as another gently led you.

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