Friday, August 9, 2013

"Unless you become like a little child..."


Children want to grow up too fast.
They become impatient.
They want to understand things before their time,
So they imagine, pretend, assume, fear -
Rather than enjoy their childhood - trust the world around them, do their chores.

We are all children in God's grand evolutionary scheme.
We are just beginning the journey of life on earth.

So be patient, trust, enjoy and learn.

At death you become what you always were and always will be.
Nothing is lost, nothing is forgotten...except time.
Time no longer separates you from everything else.
The present no longer separates you from the past or the future.
Nothing ceases to be - everything becomes brighter, truer and safer.
Your physical body, with all its uncertainty, no longer defines you.

Your loved ones will miss you for a little while.
But only until it's their turn to take your hand,
And let you lead them through death's door into that sacred light,
Where another loved one has taken your hand and led you.

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