Friday, March 16, 2012

Time To Stop the Hate Talk & Start Listening To All Sides

I cannot recall a time in my 58 years when American society was so polarized and driven by fear and negativity.  It’s not just the Hannitys and O’Rileys of FOX News, but their liberal counter parts on MSNBC, also.  Americans have always enjoyed spicy and controversial entertainment. Before talk radio, cable news and reality TV, it was daily soap operas, local gossip sessions and a few extreme religious groups.  But the media has taken it to new heights over the past 2 decades.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Breathe deeply…

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

Be still and know God.

Let your whole being become a silent prayer.

Be here now.

Breathe freely…

Naked you came into the world – leave the same way.

The world will try to clothe you – don’t let it.

The world will sell you “happiness” – don’t buy it.

Sell your possessions – travel lightly - blessed are the poor.