Sunday, October 30, 2011

Are Your Really Pro Life?

Cheers to all those who recently participated in the nationwide "chain of life" event held recently along the streets of downtown Gainesville, Georgia
To me, abortion is a tragic mistake and a national scandal. Unfortunately, however, I find a deep inconsistency in most people's thinking about "pro life" and "pro choice" issues. Here's why.
Abortion is clearly a "life ending" event. So is any type of birth control, which simply moves the "life ending" event further back in time. In the same way, moving forward in time, any failure to provide adequate food, shelter, education or healthcare to children simply moves the "life ending" event further into the future. All of these events obviously reflect a culture of death and selfishness rather than a culture of life.
To be truly "pro life" is to be pro all the things required for children to be born and then raised in a healthy environment.