Friday, August 9, 2013


Wise men came from the east, a carpenter to meet.
They talked of love and freedom, as he sat at their feet.
"Thou art that," they said to him, "such oneness removes all hate,
Don't resist the one who strikes - let love decide your fate."
"Detach yourself from all desire; your deepest needs are few.
Free yourself from all that's not. Forget what you thought you knew."

"The rich man and the poor man share a common goal.
Both seek peace and joy within, but the rich man doesn't know
His riches are a curse - to them he is a slave,
The poor man lives in freedom - at peace with what earth gave."

"Blessed are the poor, they learn to live with less.
The richer things that gold can't buy, fills them with happiness.
The pains of suffering do not last, like waves on the sea, they roll.
Dive deep to where the sea is not, and watch them from below."

Oneness, poverty, death to self - the carpenter saw the light!
It descended like a dove - peaceful and oh so bright.

He thought, "Surely we've heard this truth before, our prophets did not lie,
Their words were simply twisted, by egos that refused to die."
"I'll share this truth with all my kin." But those who believed were few.
As they nailed him to a cross he prayed, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do."

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