Sunday, August 30, 2009

God Came To Us

God came to us long ago and said let there be light.
Time and space became for all a journey into night.

Beauty was His whisper, conscience heard Him speak,
Now and then He shouted through pain that made us weak.

He came to us again through prophets and the law,
Oh to see again the visions men of old once saw.

He came so close one starry night, and stayed for 30 years.
Our journey changed forever when God shed human tears.

He came afresh when all seemed lost - later it was said:
“Did we not recognize Him in the breaking of the bread?”

Until He comes in glory – the sun no more to shine,
He comes at every Mass in the form of bread and wine.

He also comes a million times, but our eyes fail to see
Behind those hungry faces, our God’s own painful plea.

Father, unrelenting, forever seek your sheep.
Break down our resistance and every promise keep.

Hound us with your mercy, never give us rest;
Until your church triumphant lies safe upon your breast.

Alan Shope - Easter 2008

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