Thursday, March 1, 2012


Breathe deeply…

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

Be still and know God.

Let your whole being become a silent prayer.

Be here now.

Breathe freely…

Naked you came into the world – leave the same way.

The world will try to clothe you – don’t let it.

The world will sell you “happiness” – don’t buy it.

Sell your possessions – travel lightly - blessed are the poor.

Breathe generously…

You’re not your brother’s keeper; you are your brother… and sister.

Know yourself in the poor and the hungry.

The world holds on tightly – let go.

Lose yourself in all that is not self.

Make love to all that lives.

Breathe naturally…

Follow your bliss.

Do the one thing you were born to do.

The world will give you a name – reject it.

Follow the narrow path; enter by the narrow gate.

Breathe fearlessly…

Fear not your final breath.

The world fears what it doesn’t know.

In your final breath

You will know fully and be fully known.

Alan Shope

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