Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why Are We Here?

“Why are we here?” the young man asked.
The old man bowed his head.
“Love”…then silence. “Love”…more silence.
That’s all the old man said.

“I’m not sure that explains it all”,
The young man said with a smile.
Finally, the old man spoke again,
“Can you sit here for a while?”

“Sure”, replied the young man,
“Tell me of this love.”
The old man raised his head
And pointed up above.

“Do you believe in God, my son,
Or was it simply chance,
That filled the world with music
And made the atoms dance?

Why is there something rather than nothing?
Nothing is all there should be
Were it not for Love’s desire
To create all that could be.

God is love and love must share:
Resulting in creation.
Chance is cold and lifeless,
Devoid of true formation.

Chance is cruel and selfish,
But love must always give
Even give itself
And go where others live.

That’s why you are here, my son
To be loved and to love.
To be apart and selfish
Is at odds with God above.

And does God let us choose
To be at odds with Him,
To doubt this song of love
And risk a future dark and grim?

That might explain the emptiness,
The anger, guilt and fear
That haunt so many lives
when finally death draws near.

My son, our hearts are restless
Until they rest in Him;
Until they see through His eyes,
Our eyes just grow more dim.

To be loved and to love,
As we struggle with life’s pain;
Makes us one with God
And allows us to obtain

For ourselves and those around us,
A world with fewer tears,
And find, in that, who we are
And the reason we are here.

Oneness with God and others,
This is Love’s design;
Death to self, then resurrection
Within the bread and wine.

Love creates us, then sets us free,
Then restores us when we fall.
Becoming all we’re meant to be
One with Him and one with all.

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